Robyn S Olson

Director of Business Development & Intake Coordinator

Hey there!  I am Robyn but I secretly call myself  ‘Head Cheerleader’.  Perhaps partially because I never got to officially wear the title in school, but MOSTLY because I absolutely thrive on promoting our amazing team and the incredible services that we provide in the world of property management!   I’ve always had a passion for meeting new people and cultivating relationships.   I’ve been blessed in my career to have gained an extensive background in leadership, Business Development, and Client Relations which have been instrumental in the continuous development and driving force for Firebird’s growth strategies.  What can I say, I absolutely love what I do!  I also hold an active Real Estate license and couldn’t be prouder to hold a position on Firebird Housing’s Dream Team!

My behind the scenes self:

I’m an Aries, I work out, I like the smell of rain, the beach and the sound of the ocean.  Oops, that’s for something else….  Let me start over…   I am an Arizona native, however, I did much of my ‘growing up’ on a ranch in Durango, CO.  Although I did not share in my parent’s passion for growing old on a ranch, I am super grateful for the valuable work ethics that those experiences have afforded me.  After exploring and experiencing the world a bit, I eventually decided to plant my roots here in the Sonoran Desert once again.  You may find it hard to believe, but I happen to be VERY close friends with 4 of the COOLEST boys on the planet!  Coincidentally, they also call me ‘Mom’.  Each one of them somehow managed to survive their treacherous journey into adulthood despite my serious doubts from time to time. Three of my very favorite things are eating, socializing, and sleeping.  I also love football, everything about it.  I love motorcycles, Harleys, and everything about riding them.  I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie with a long bucket list that I am slowly but surely chipping away at.  My favorite quote – “Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says ‘I’M POSSIBLE’” – Audrey Hepburn

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