5 Things Your Property Manager Wishes You Knew

Property managers and tenants can sometimes have a stressful relationship because they each have different ideas of how things should go. Tenants might call at all hours of the night for things that the property manager doesn’t think are emergencies, and residents might feel like repairs are not being made fast enough, just as some examples.

Good communication is key to a successful relationship right from the start. Here are five things that your Chandler property manager wishes you knew as a tenant that would make your relationship better:

5 things your property manager wished you knew

1. Don’t Delay the Call

don't delay the callYou noticed that the air conditioner isn’t blowing as cold as you would like it to be. If it were the summer in Arizona, you’d call immediately. But if it happens during the cooler seasons, you might not be as concerned, so you might forget to call about it. Then you notice that the forecast calls for a hot weekend, so you call your property manager after you get home on Friday to demand an immediate fix.

Your property manager isn’t a magician and can’t always make things happen that quickly. If you notice a problem, you should call that person as soon as you can to get things moving. Then there will be time to get someone over there to assess and make any necessary repairs before the situation becomes an emergency.

2. Every Property is Treated Uniquely

every property is treated uniquelyA lot of Chandler property management services handle multiple apartment or multi-family properties. They develop a schedule for handling the needs of each property, including routine checks and maintenance, as well as built-in time for emergency repairs. So if a property is usually serviced in the morning, you would be better to call about an issue the night before if you want to get on the docket right away.

Emergencies are treated as such, but some things that residents want fixed right away aren’t true emergencies. Therefore, if you want the fastest attention for an issue, you need to know what the workflow is like for the property where you live.

3. The Rules Must be Consistent

rules must be consistentOver time, you will develop a great relationship with your property manager. That’s what we want! But some tenants think that relationship and the manager’s desire to offer great customer service means that they can sometimes get special treatment. They might want the manager to come over right away to help them into their apartment because the electronic key card isn’t working because they didn’t pay the power bill. Or they might want to stay in the pool area past hours because they have guests over.

Even though property managers want to be of service to tenants, they can’t bend the rules. Those rules are in place to keep order and to ensure fairness, and it is better for everyone when the manager enforces them.

4. Managers Aren’t Available 24/7

not available 24 7The property manager is there to help you with whatever issues arise with your apartment or rental home. But the manager also goes home at the end of the day and may have a family or other responsibilities or interests outside of that job. You may live in your home 24/7, but the manager is not available to answer questions or concerns about your home 24/7.

Know the hours that your manager is available, and make your requests within that timeframe. You may be able to leave a message with an answering service, but know that unless it’s a true emergency, your call and your response will have to wait until regular hours.

5. Emergency Calls are Always Taken

emergency callsIf you do have a real emergency, you should always be able to reach someone from property management services, even if it’s a call center that will relay the message or put in a service order. If you have a toilet leaking all over the floor or found that there’s a loose electrical wire, you need to call someone from management right away, no matter what time or day it is.

If your house is on fire or you find that someone has broken in, obviously your emergency call should go to 911, not your property management. Just make sure you are dealing with emergencies immediately. Don’t delay!

The right property management services in Chandler will work as a team with the tenants to create a great relationship and to keep the property safe and enjoyable for all. It is important that you understand how property managers operate so that you can work together well.

At Firebird Housing Specialists, we work to create great relationships with our property owners and tenants so that everyone is happy. We operate multiple properties throughout Arizona, and we operate on policies that are designed to help owners get the best out of their investment while also helping residents enjoy a wonderful property. Call us in Arizona today to find a great property to rent or to learn how we can help you manage rentals of your property.

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