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Firebird Housing is a full-service real property and management company specializing in Phoenix property management, as well as the management of income-producing real property in all of the surrounding cities of the valley. We approach the management of each and every property as an income-producing business. We’re not satisfied until your income is high and your expenses are low. We always maintain the current market condition in the valley. That gives us the ability to ensure each owner that each home is leased in the shortest time at the best possible price. Owners have peace of mind because of our high accountability and reliability standards. Once you’ve experienced our personalized style of management, you’ll know that your properties are in the best possible hands.

phoenix property managementSince every property is different, just like each property owner is different, our unique approach makes Firebird Housing your best choice for your Property Management Phoenix Az. We have many years of successful experience managing, leasing, selling, buying and rental of residential property in Phoenix Arizona and all surrounding areas. Because of our experience, we fully understand that your income producing property is not just any modest investment, it’s much more. Our track record of successfully making sure that our clients’ properties will be rented only to qualified applicants and that they’re maintained properly gives our property owners peace of mind.

Your goals for the present and the future of your property become our management objectives. That way you can be worry-free. We focus on assisting each property owner in creating outstanding assets that produce long-term financial stability. We look forward to creating long-lasting, powerful and productive relationships with all of our clients. We take the time to visit each property and manage all assets and resources with a personal touch. Our response time and our experience in handling any emergency situation that might arise are second to none.

We take care of all tenant and property owner needs for property management Phoenix Az., as well as managing properties in every city in the Valley of the Sun. We provide a personal experience and treat the managing of your properties as we’d manage our property. We have a unique, personal and custom approach to the handling of all your property management needs in Phoenix and in all of the surrounding metro areas of central Arizona.

Call us today to experience the type of Phoenix Property Management you’ll love!

Property Management Phoenix Az – Financial Services

Unique: We manage and maintain all of the client receivables and vendor accounts, as well as managing the insurance requirements for all properties that we manage. Our in-house accounting department handles local, state and federal tax relationships for Property Management Phoenix Az, and for each and every city in Arizona. We develop budgets, we maintain payroll, and we assist our client’s attorneys with certiorari tax relief for Real Property Management Phoenix, and all other Arizona cities. We also take care of the closing of properties, as well as most all of the transactions for the properties we manage, including sublets, transfer, and non-sales transactions that expedite the process for our clients and applicants.

Real Property Management Company – Seamless Transition

If you have tried self-managing real property, or you have used other property management companies, you might be ready for a pleasant change. We can help you with a smooth and seamless transition. In the process of transitioning from another management company, we feel that we are the experts that have perfected the transition into a smooth and seamless process. We will take on the work of dealing with former management companies, focusing on the most urgent issues first and prioritizing all of the issues at hand to reach all of the goals of our client. We will make sure that all data is correctly transferred and notify all vendors, as well as all associated professionals about the transition.

Managing Properties from Experience

We have nearly 20 years’ experience managing, leasing, selling and buying residential property in Phoenix Arizona and all surrounding areas. Because of our experience, we fully understand that your income producing property is not just any simple investment, it’s much more. We are known among our peers and our clients as one of the most trusted, highly experienced and efficient property management companies in Phoenix Az. The Firebird Housing team surpasses the standards in the industry. Our customers receive second-to-none services and dedication. Our experience with emergency needs, on-call inspections, facilitating repairs, estimates on repairs for more complex, larger jobs are just a few of numerous benefits of having your property managed by us.

Firebird Housing
2141 E Pecos Rd, Suite A
Chandler, AZ 85225
Phone: 480-633-1993
Email: [email protected]

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Some of our advantages and services include:

  • Monthly rent collection
  • Maintain records including rent paid, repairs, annual statements, reports, etc…
  • Provide monthly reports to property owner
  • Emergency 24/7 on-call assistance
  • Provide interior inspection of premises at the request of owner
  • Property drive-by inspections monthly
  • Coordinate any repairs that are necessary
  • Facilitate relations between tenants and owner
  • File eviction notices on asset owners’ behalf, if necessary

Some of our leasing benefits include:

  • We always maintain current market conditions to assure that each property is leased in the shortest amount of time at the best price.
  • We provide a customized approach to tenant search and evaluations
  • We maximize the exposure of each property to assure you that your property will be rented in the shortest amount of time.
  • We do background checks that include credit history, rental history, employment, check writing, prior evictions and criminal history
  • We prepare all lease documents and execution of all documents
  • Before move-in, we collect all deposits and rent for the first month.

We set ourselves apart from other property management companies in Phoenix Az and when you see our new and different approach, we know you’ll appreciate it. We know you’ll see the big difference in the way we manage and we know you’ll love it!

Call us today and experience our unique, custom and personal style in caring for all of your Phoenix property management needs and the needs of all your properties anywhere around the Valley.

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