Property Management Transition

If you have tried self-managing real property, or you have used other property management companies, you might be ready for a pleasant change. We can help you with a smooth and seamless transition. In the process of transitioning from another management company, we feel that we are the experts that have perfected the transition into a smooth and seamless process. We will take on the work of dealing with former management companies, focusing on the most urgent issues first and prioritizing all of the issues at hand to reach all of the goals of our client. We will make sure that all data is correctly transferred and notify all vendors, as well as all associated professionals about the transition.

We have nearly 20 years’ experience in the leasing, selling, buying and managing of residential property in Phoenix Az. and all surrounding areas. Because of our experience, we fully understand that your income producing property is not just any simple investment, it’s much more. We are known among our peers and our clients as one of the most trusted, highly experienced and efficient property management companies in Phoenix Az

The Firebird Housing team surpasses the standards in the industry. Our customers receive second-to-none management services and dedication. Our experience with emergency needs, on-call inspections, facilitating repairs, estimates on repairs for more complex, larger jobs are just a few of numerous benefits of having your property managed by us.

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