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Firebird Housing is proud to be known among our peers and clientele alike as one of best and most trusted names in Arizona Property Management. With properties spreading across the valley from Phoenix, to Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Tempe we have the experience in properties across the entire Valley of the Sun. We specialize in all types of Real Property Management valley wide for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking for Property Management services in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe or one of our beautiful cities located in or near the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Firebird Housing will have all of your property management needs well covered. We take the preferred management approach, by customizing our property management services around each owner and their property’s specific needs. We   guarantee that once you experience our personally customized approach, you’ll be confident that your property or all of your properties are in the right hands with Firebird Housing.

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Risk-Free Property Management With Peace of Mind

Firebird Housing specializes in full-service management for all types of properties, both residential and commercial.  We serve Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe Az and the entire Phoenix Metro Valley of the Sun for all property management types.  We are backed by over 18 years of hands on experience of successfully managing, leasing, buying and selling real property here in the Valley of the Sun.  Because of our experience, we fully understand the needs of all sides of each of these transactions.  We understand that your investment property is much more than merely an income producing property.  Our proven track record in our successful screening process for qualified applicants, and our consistent attention that is required for Firebird Housing to properly maintain our management properties, continues to provide our property owners with a peace of mind that is not easily found in today’s market.  Wherever you have properties needing professional management in the Phoenix Metro area, just give us a call and you’ll be glad you did.  Whether you need Phoenix property management, Chandler property management, or need your properties managed anywhere in the valley, just call us now and we’ll help you with all of your needs.  We are so confident in our management style that we encourage our new owners/investors to try us Risk-Free for 60 days so you can understand why we are your best choice!

Large Scale Az Property Management

Firebird Housing has a dedicated Phoenix property management team in AZ that provides the experience, expertise and attention to detail that is required to properly manage complex residential developments anywhere in the Phoenix AZ Metro area. Meeting the needs for real property management of each of our individual clients is Firebird Housing’s core focus. Our extremely dedicated, property management in-house support team is based in Chandler, AZ.  We not only manage properties in Chandler, but we utilize our services in properties in Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, all of the East Valley, and the entire Phoenix area. This team possess the detailed knowledge and experience to handle the extremely broad spectrum of possible issues that present themselves when it comes to managing properties.  This team is a well-oiled machine that works very closely with Firebird Housing’s operations team.

Firebird Housing has the ability to scale according to your needs, by managing anywhere from a small housing block, to large apartment complexes and anywhere in between. We manage properties If you are a large-scale investor and property owner, you understand the need for such a team that acts as a liaison for your tenants and your employees.

Of all Property Management companies in Phoenix AZ, we specialize in bringing to the table a comprehensive large scale property management solution that meet all of your management needs, valley wide.

Some of the services we provide include:

Property management services in Chandler Arizona with Firebird
  • Landscape Maintenance – anywhere from cutting the grass, to maintaining communal gardens, watering and sweeping. This is of particular importance when managing developments that include commercial properties such as bars, restaurants or retail outlets that have such communal areas accessible to non-residents.
  • Heating and cleaning of internal communal areas, including any onsite leisure facilities
  • Window Cleaning – specific to each development, but typically includes all external windows as well as internal windows in the communal areas
  • Lift Maintenance
  • Fire Equipment Maintenance
  • General Repairs and Maintenance
  • Buildings Insurance – in the case of apartments, full buildings insurance is required under the terms of the lease to cover the risks relevant to the development. Standard insurance risks might include fire, explosion, lightning, aircraft, terrorism, storm or flood, sprinkler leakage, subsidence or landslide
  • Bank Charges and Audit fees
  • Management fee and salaries of any onsite staff

Call us today to see how we can manage any size project you have. Wherever your properties are located in the valley of the sun, Mesa AZ, Chandler Az, Tempe, Gilbert, we’ve got you covered in the entire Az Valley of the Sun. When it comes to real property management Phoenix, we’re simply the best in Az.

Single Family Management

Single family property management can be very challenging to an individual investor and property owner.  Single family property management includes the management of a single unit such as a detached single-family home, a condominium, or even a townhome.  It may be detached or even share common walls with another unit, however It can be defined best as real property that is individually owned. There are many aspects of the Arizona Revised Statute and the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act that most property owners are not aware of, and this lack of experience and knowledge in the industry will end up costing them thousands and thousands of dollars.

Single family home property manager in Chandler, Arizona

We’re a Phoenix area property management company located in Chandler, AZ. Here at Firebird Housing, over the past two decades, we have provided excellent service to tens of thousands of clients in all aspects.  We have used our extensive business knowledge, our property managing experience, and our exceptional customer service to produce the trusted and respected property management company that we are today right here in the Phoenix AZ metropolitan area. Whether you’re looking for the best property management company in Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, or Gilbert, we’re the exceptional experts to manage your residential properties anywhere in the Phoenix area. We’re the right choice for you in the Arizona Valley of the Sun. Call us today for a free property analysis and let’s talk about our first 2 months free management.

Multi-Family Property Management

Some people in the industry believe that any time you mention property management you are talking about multi-family properties. Multi-family property management is the management of properties that have multiple units with multiple residents. Examples of these multiple units are anything from a small complex, such as a 2-plex, to a large complex, such as a 500-unit apartment complex or even larger.

Multi-family property management services in Chandler Arizona

The management of a multi-family complex, especially the larger ones, is very much like a single-family property management with a few very important differences.  These types of properties are typically owned by a group of investors or a corporation.  They are typically much more experienced and familiar with Phoenix property management than the typical owner or investor of a single-family property. When managing a multi-family property, it is equally as important for Firebird Housing to not only keep the property occupied with little to no vacancies, as it is important to keep the value of the property itself appreciating.  In the multi-family property management industry, Firebird Housing stresses to our owners how imperative it is to retain a strong Cap Rate for their property. A Cap Rate is a rate that is determined by dividing the net operating income by the market value of the property which creates a percentage rate.

Cap rate property management in Chandler Arizona

The higher the Cap Rate is, the better the property value is.  This percentage, the Cap Rate, is what investors look to when they are determining a property’s overall value.  The Cap Rate will typically look like this: Cap Rate = 7.2%.  When purchasing a multi-family unit and your focus is the Cap Rate, it will be very important to make sure that the numbers are factual net operating incomes and true market values of a particular property.

Property owner management reports and rent fast in Arizona

Besides the retaining of a strong Cap Rate and net operating incomes, it is the job of Firebird Housing to provide extensive reports for the multi-family property owner.  With multi-family property management Firebird Housing will typically have additional staff on site to welcome potential residents, show them available units, oversee any maintenance issues, collect monthly rents and produce detailed reports for the property owner.

Call our chandler property management company Arizona

Of course, there are some aspects that make the management of these types of properties different from the single family property management but rest assured that Firebird Housing has your needs covered. If you are interested in pursuing expert, professional help for multi-family property management, or having your properties managed anywhere in the Phoenix Metro area, please give us a call right away to discuss.

Commercial Property Management

Commercial property management is the management of properties used for business purposes such as Office buildings, Industrial properties, Retail properties (both strip centers and free standing buildings), Multi-family properties (we have a separate section for this type of property), storage developments and other types of special use properties.  Similar to multi-family properties, the Cap Rate is extremely important with regards to commercial property management.  It is imperative for investors or corporations to retain a strong Cap Rate for their property.

Commercial property management company in Chandler, Arizona

Unlike the management of single family and multi-family properties, commercial property management does not have a governing law such as the Landlord Tenant Act. There are some rules that do apply to commercial property management, however without the Landlord Tenant Act governing things, it is very important to have a well-constructed and legally binding agreement between a property’s landlord and it’s occupant.  At Firebird Housing, the commercial properties that we manage have seen a dramatic increase in Cap Rate lately.  This increase is due to both an increase in operations income and the fact that the values of commercial properties in the Phoenix AZ Metro area have been on a steady rise. If you’re looking for real property management in Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere in the Valley of the Sun, you’ve found the company to help!

Storage Unit Management

Storage unit property management is also a facet of business that Firebird Housing specializes in. Storage unit property management is a unique type of property management because it does not deal with any occupants inside a unit instead it deals with belongings also referred to in real estate as personal property.  Storage unit property management deals in the management of a facility with regards to the property itself and its improvements.

Storage unit facility property manager in Phoenix Arizona

However, the collection of unit rent and the specific advertising to rent the empty units is where most of the time managing is spent. Cap Rate is still a very significant driving force with regards to storage units, as explained in Commercial Property Management.  The management of a Storage facility can be very difficult if the area in which the facility is built was not adequately studied for storage usage. It is no industry secret that most people will not travel but a few miles for their storage needs. As you might imagine, if they’re based in Phoenix, they usually won’t travel to the Chandler Mesa, Gilbert, or Tempe areas. Additionally, some communities have very little or even no need for additional storage.  For these reasons, it is critical that prior to a storage facility being built, a detailed study conducted to ensure that the surrounding area can support and exceed the facility’s projected operating expenses. Call us for your Phoenix property management, or to manage your storage properties in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix metro area.

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